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In addition to business and economics seminars, you will also attend a variety of skills courses, in which you will learn leadership and intercultural competencies – all of these a must in leadership positions nowadays. Der trinational akkreditierte, englischsprachige MBA-Studiengang International Management ist ein Studienprogramm, welches für viele Jungakademiker den Einstieg in eine höhere Karrierestufe darstellt. Quality Assurance. The MBA Program, International Management commencing yearly at the end of August is aimed, in particular, at graduates of non-economic studies programs who wish to expand the knowledge acquired from a first degree studies or the skills attained through initial professional experience through sound, business-oriented and internationally oriented know-how. failure to perform, liabilities), Determinants of a firm’s financial structure, Market value of a firm and financial decisions, Effects of time, uncertainty, taxes, and incentives on the present value of firm cash flows, Net present value and discounted cash-flow analysis, Overview of various types of fixed income securities, valuation of fixed income securities, understanding bond ratings, securitisation and asset backed securities, risks associated with investing in bonds, understanding yield spreads, interpreting the yield curve, Spot rates and Forward rates, measurement of interest rate risk, bond portfolio management strategies in the international context, Derivatives instruments; Futures and forwards, option payoffs and options strategies, option valuation techniques, The Strategic importance of International Marketing, International Marketing Research and opportunity analysis, Consumer Buying Behaviour – Analysing Customer Requirements, Identifying Market Segments and Targeting, Marketing Strategy Development with focus on market entry strategies, Implementation: The 4Ps in International Marketing, Technology enabled International Marketing, Costs and Targets of Operations and Operations Strategy, Process Design and Business Process Optimization, Aggregate Planning, Material Requirements Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Lean Production and Toyota Production System, Quality Management and Statistical Process Control, IHRM in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, international alliances and SMEs, Recruiting and selecting staff for international assignments, Organizations and the environmental change, The formal and informal subsystem of change, Resistance, commitment and readiness to change, Start Up Management and Business Modeling, No-arbitrage concept in international financial markets, Hedging currency exchange risk using derivatives, Introduction to socio-technological trends driving digital transformation: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, Cloud Computing, mobile technologies, social media, semantic Web, Augmented und Virtual Reality, 3D print, …, Digital product management: product evaluation; product lifecyle management, Interplay between analytics and business model thinking; creation and orchestration of stakeholder networks, Project objectives, scope and key milestones presented by the “client”, Lecturer on a weekly basis supports students with designing their intermediate presentations, Theories, Models, Processes around Peoples and Teams, Managerial competencies i.e. This poses the challenge of how to approach a segment that is not in one geographical location. International and multinational companies must understand the complexity of the markets which often consist of a myriad of segments. Not only do graduates of a business economics studies background benefit from rediscovering the once familiar models in a new light, but also those who simply wish to refresh the knowledge they have lost in their everyday professional lives. COVID-19 Digital studieren in Zeiten von Corona. But that’s not all; career perspectives in government offices, government-related institutions or non-profit organisations across almost all industries open up to job-seeking graduates. CBS International Business School © 1993-2020 |, BM – Logistik und Supply Chain Management (B.A. PY - 2013. The first semester, along with its introductory modules on the subjects: Management Principles and Organization and Strategy, also lays the foundation with Accounting. Planning and Administration Competency, Leadership competencies i.e. Graduates also have good career opportunities in product development and research. During the Master Thesis Tutorial you will learn the fundamentals for your Master thesis: Defining the topic as well as structuring the thesis and you will learn the theoretical knowledge for scientific working. If you have questions concerning content, study environment or admission to CBS Master programmes you are welcome to contact us. Compania e condusă de Jim Lanzone. Find en ekspert; Ny søgning. Introducing our “SDG Teaching Map”: Incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals within CBS, Business Project with the Fressnapf Group, Interview with Prof. Dr. Alessandro Monti. market and segment analyses of data.Navigating challenges in the international environmentWith your existing knowledge of the internal streamlining and the external complexity, the third approach combines the two to decide the right strategy – and to make strategies customised and operational according to their circumstances. Add to calendar 2021-08-20 00:00:00 2021-08-20 23:59:59 Europe/Copenhagen International Research Management Course This very intensive course addresses the principles of research management and leadership as well as the challenges met by international research managers working in Scandinavian research institutions. Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is a public university situated in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. ), Strategisches Management und Consulting (M.A. Professionsbacheloruddannelsen i international hospitality management er for dig, der interesserer dig for, hvad der ligger bag den gode serviceoplevelse og det gode værtskab. The fall semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June. It helps you identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, prioritise the company’s tasks to solve them in the right order and synchronise efforts to move in the same direction. The CBS International Business School is a state-recognised, private business school which emerged in 2020 from the individual brands Cologne Business School and European Management School. T1 - Philosophy of Science and Meta-Knowledge in International Business and Management. Find an expert; New search. DANIEL ANDERSSON Vice President Strategy & Operations. The fourth semester consists mainly of the Master Thesis where, for example, the students work on an actual problem or situation, taking into account scientifically based methods and approaches – also in close collaboration with a company. PhD Programmes. DAVID UDDENFELDT Senior Legal Counsel Nordics The CBS International Business School has been part of the Stuttgart Klett Group since 2016. Through the concentration you will acquire knowledge that is used in three different approaches to a company: The internal perspective, the international and external network, and the challenges in the international environment.Internal perspectiveThe first approach is concerned with the component parts of the company, and understanding the internal cohesion. Aim is to discuss the master thesis and industry-related issues with companies to see future prospects, chances and limitations of particular business areas. Experts A-Z. The modules: Financial Markets and Institutions and Creativity and Managerial Leadership complete the program. ), Business Psychology and Management (M.Sc. For non-EU students' fees please check the. On its way to becoming ONE Global Corporation, the company planned to harmonize its charts of accounts for all of its 30 entities; the aim being to standardize posting processes and align reporting pursuant to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with the internal management … LEARN MORE If, for example, the company wants to enter the Chinese market, there is much to consider – where do we want to go, how do we do it, do we have partners in that market who can help us reach the segments? ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group (formerly CBS Paramount International Television and CBS Studios International) is a multinational television production-distribution arm owned by ViacomCBS.It was formed in 2004 by Viacom as CBS Paramount International Television, a result of a merger between two television companies, CBS Broadcast International and Paramount International … Single, elective and supplementary courses. Project Management & Digital Skills3 ECTS, Business Process Planning & Operations Management3 ECTS, Inter­national Human Resource Management3 ECTS, Managing Change & Digital Transformation3 ECTS, Management & Leadership Competencies3 ECTS. In the third semester, all the contents learned shall be applied in a business project. ), Entrepreneurship und Innovationsmanagement (M.A. Cushman & Wakefield’s Project & Development Services group not only helps our clients make the right real estate decisions, but executes and delivers the results they need to be productive and successful. SN - 9781781907122. Om Experts@CBS. M3 - Anthology. ), International Management Fast Track (MBA), Scholarships for International Students in Germany, 3+1 Programmes for International Students, Center for Advanced Sustainable Management, DFG-Project: The effects of non-financial reporting, Basic Business, Economic, and Market Principles and Key Terms, External Business Environment: At both National and International Level, Business Function: Finance and Accounting, Business Ethics: Ethical Business Management, International aspects of Ethics & CSR, Demand Analysis and Applications of Elasticities, Supply Analysis and the Theory of the Firm, Optimization: Functions of several variables, Apply the sampling methods and the Central Limit Theorem, Compute the measures of location and measures of dispersion, Perform linear (multiple) regression and correlation analysis, Describe the basic concepts of probability, Set up a difference and/or relationship hypothesis and carry out statistical inference tests, Apply decision making theory to make decisions under risk and under uncertainty, Apply statistical software like R or SPSS in common business issues, Defining the marketing research problem and developing an approach, Generic business-level strategies for competitive advantage, Basic Corporate-level strategic choices for long-term profitability, Social Responsibility and Ethics of Strategic Management, Research Methods for Organisational Behaviour, Managing Diversity and Individual Differences, Efficiency, Motivation, and Quality in Work Design, Culture, Change, and Organisational Development, Managerial accounting and global business environment, Activity based costing to aid decision making, Sustainability and ethics in accounting decision making, Basic competence (Project specifications, project goals and evaluation, project phases and cycles, project norms and rules), Social competence (Communication, motivation, groups and team structures, leadership, conflict management), Methodological competence (Structural aspects, time management, cost management, human resource management, creativity and problem solving), Organisational competence (Quality management, documentation, risk management, project start and closure), Team typologies models: Hippokrates, Kretschmer, Belbin, Jung, & Myers Briggs, From workgroup to high-performance self-managing teams, Phases of team development & the team performance curve, Conditions for team development Trust and control, Escalation and management of conflicts: Friedrich, Glasl, Survey on different legal systems and the harmonizing effect of EU Law, Different types of contracts and their typical features, Solving problems (e.g. For example, knowledge management is important because it gives you an understanding of how to utilise the knowledge behind a product, and bring inside knowledge to the outside – in other words, how to profit from the knowledge that is inside the organisation via your products or services. You will also learn to disaggregate the big units to look at the parts in isolation and identify where action needs to be taken, and then aggregate them again to make the whole system work. Y1 - 2013. Research Output from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Find publications, projects, student theses, press and media activities from Copenhagen Business School. The aim is for students to work on a real-life company case study before ultimately presenting their proposed solutions to representatives of that company. CBS International Address: Dubai Zip Code: 172145 City of Dubai Phone number: +971 4 2369880 Categories: Management Consultants, Companies & Businesses You can find course descriptions in the programme regulations for International Marketing and Management. By doing so, both students and companies benefit from the results obtained. CBS International: Companies: Campus Life: News & Press: Alumni: Library: About CBS: Departments & Centres. By making an informed strategy choice based on an understanding of both the market and the company, you can make your strategy much more precise. Das Studium Sales Management & Vertriebspsychologie beim Institut CBS International Business School dauert 4 Semester und endet mit dem Abschluss Master of Arts. Die CBS International Business School ist eine staatlich anerkannte Hochschule in privater Trägerschaft. A Career Seminar also takes place in the final semester. CBS takes great care and pride in the preparation of its products. CBS International Sektor za maloprodajne prostore uspeÅ¡no je asistirao u pronalasku nove lokacije za kompaniju Vitorog. Then arrange an appointment for a non-binding study consultation and clear up all of your questions concerning the course of the studies, examinations, scholarships and financial aid. Emner A-Z . etc. CBS Interactive (în trecut CBS Digital Media Group) este o companie americană, diviziune a CBS Corporation.Este o rețea de conținut online pentru informație și divertisment. Our alumni have scripted their own success stories in the corporate world. It covers subjects such as strategic decisions, marketing decisions, innovation, knowledge management, resource management and incentives within the company. They need to be equipped with skills, knowledge and experience in international business management as well as in cross-cultural behavior. We provide members with education, mentoring, and career advice while building a larger and more tight-knit community between students and professional investment managers. The International Management Department at Copenhagen Business School, CBS on Curious? Within this field of interdisciplinary skills, you will attend courses on the subjects, Research Principles as well as Project and Team Management. Further information can be found, *The displayed prices are semester fees. Print . You will learn to optimise internal company resources and cohesion, and combine this with a deep understanding of the complexities of its international markets. Die CBS International Business School (CBS), gegründet im Jahr 1993, gilt als eine der ersten Adressen unter den privaten Wirtschaftshochschulen in Deutschland und ist Teil der Stuttgarter Klett Gruppe.Mit ihrer Spezialisierung auf betriebswirtschaftliche Studiengänge nach internationalem Standard ist sie ein Anziehungspunkt für rund 1.900 Studierende aus 75 Nationen. In this module students will learn about future possible employments and business sectors of their interest. You will be equipped with the tools to acquire this understanding through e.g. For many students, the MBA Program, International Management is a crucial prerequisite for reaching the next step in their professional careers. CBS International is providing variety of real estate services including: Office Agency, Retail Agency, Residential Sales and Leasing, Industrial Agency, Land Agency, Valuation and Development Advisory, Capital Markets, Market Research, Project Management, Facility Management, Property Management and Marketing. A2 - Devinney, Timothy M. A2 - Pedersen, Torben. MANAGEMENT TEAM. ), Sales Management und Vertriebspsychologie (M.A. Eksperter i "International management" Klik på et navn og få vist ekspertens profil. Eksperter A-Z. Experts in "International Management" Click a name to view the Experts profile. Thanks to the knowledge acquired within the MBA program, students are able to move about safely in the international business world while positioning themselves for management opportunities. programme regulations for International Marketing and Management. What’s more, a simulation game is conducted here as well, in which students practice making real business decisions to learn the actual consequences of these decisions for a company. Subjects A-Z . In particular the courses in strategy and research methods will introduce you to theories and approaches that will be further developed and used in the second semester. Dezember 2020 – SAP-Kunden benötigen mehr Flexibilität, Geschwindigkeit und Wertorientierung What’s more, CBS offers you the opportunity to specialize in a subject area of your choosing and in line with your own interests. The Nordic management team and senior executives. Furthermore, the students can pursue their own personal interests by choosing an elective course from the subject areas: Strategic Management and Consulting, Entrepreneurship or Sustainability. The Master of Management Program in International Business has been designed to fill the urgent demand of young managers, who need to understand the complex nature of the current business environment. In this programme you gain knowledge of current market trends, such as customer needs, in different industries, as well as solid knowledge of financial market developments. T3 - Advances in International Management. Furthermore, students shall be able to make important contacts with business people for their further career development. When talking about strategic marketing in this context, it is not classic marketing that is meant, but rather understanding the markets in which you are doing your marketing. This degree also fulfills the prerequisites for a subsequent doctorate. regarding regional idiosyncrasies and intercultural differences. The MBA Program, International Management commencing yearly at the end of August is aimed, in particular, at graduates of non-economic studies programs who wish to expand the knowledge acquired from a first degree studies or the skills attained through initial professional experience through sound, business-oriented and internationally oriented know-how. Hear about the requirements and admission procedure at our info meetings. By looking more closely at challenges, when moving from strategy formulation to strategy implementation, you will be able to identify the misunderstandings or discrepancies between the decided strategy and the action taken, or to identify if there are different perceptions of the same strategy within the company. CBS was established in 1917. Knowledge Portal. The knowledge acquired during their studies will be of particular use, i.e. On the agenda in the second semester are the modules: Business Environment, Financial Management, Global Value Chain Management, Culture and Change Management and International Management. About Experts@CBS. CBS International Macedonia is the part of CBS International Serbia, the largest real estate consultancy in Serbia for seven years. The programme comprises a total of four semesters, each with about 16-20 lecture hours per week. We are CBS The Chennai Business School established in 2006 has honed the skills of over 1000 management students. This includes, for example, the financial sector; the manufacturing industry; telecommunications; the healthcare sector and the environment, just to mention a few. Institutter og centre. There are eight mandatory courses in the first year, and elective courses followed by a Master’s thesis in the second. CBS-Executive CBS-Executive • Management of International Relations and Risk • Organizational Structure and Control Systems Students will learn to identify key concepts, frameworks and theories behind international strategic management practices; and to creatively apply knowledge from different approaches to the problems facing today’s international firms. ViacomCBS delivers premium content to important, diverse audiences through television, streaming and digital platforms, studio production, live events, and more. This allows you to make more operational and successful strategies because you understand where in the company something needs to be tweaked, and you can customise the strategy to fit your exact circumstances in the complex market. Departments and centres. You have 12 weeks to complete your thesis and the subject is freely selectible. There is a certain degree of progression between the courses in the first year. Print . CBS International Business School Das Management-Studium in Köln, Mainz und Potsdam ), IB – Strategic Management and Consulting (M.A. The fall semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June. CBS Investment Club (CBSIC) is a non-profit Student Citizenship-recognized organization founded in May 2019. Through this programme you can access one of the highest ranking management programmes in the world. By examining the links between choice consequences, you will see how different choices has consequences for the company, and learn to look at trade-offs, pros and cons to determine what the best choice is, and identify what is lost and what is gained in making one choice over another.International, external networkThe second approach focuses mainly on markets. ), Tourism and Sustainable Management (M.A. In particular the … In many cases it is not the physical product itself that makes an impact on the market, but how you utilize the knowledge behind it. Die CBS International Business School (CBS), gegründet im Jahr 1993, gilt als eine der ersten Adressen unter den privaten Wirtschaftshochschulen in Deutschland und ist Teil der Stuttgarter Klett Gruppe.Mit ihrer Spezialisierung auf betriebswirtschaftliche Studiengänge nach internationalem Standard ist sie ein Anziehungspunkt für rund 1.900 Studierende aus 75 Nationen. There are eight mandatory courses in  the first year, and elective courses followed by a Master’s thesis in the second. Get public access to numerous Open Access full text publications written by CBS researchers.

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